Wednesday, February 15, 2012


 Good morning!
This day is one of the days, when I'm just sitting and thinking of baking... baking something sweet, delishous... and bam! I haven't cupcake molds! I decided to go today to the town and buy molds, because what a miniature artisan am I, when I'm making mini food, but don't make 1:1 scale?! I hope, the oven won't explode...

But back to miniatures. I was busy, so the posts appeared really rear. I try and try to post, but at least I forget... sorry. Won't happen again.

Time for my new creations!
 You know, that I'm a huge Harry Potter fan? Don't you? Now yes! I've made an writing board with a quill, the Daily Prophet etc. Just see and tell me, how you like it.

... and a handy hand!

And a work in progress, a pouf for Trelawney's office. 

I'm working on commissons, too! My newest one: biscuits for v-praline.

The copyrights for this photo are belonging to v-praline, respectively. 

I cannot resist to show you my new addition to the doll family. My first collectible Barbie - Solo in the Spotlight 1960' reproduction: 

 See you soon!


  1. Zazdraszczam talentu w łapkach! Oby tak dalej!

  2. Zestaw z piórem jest świetny, bardzo fajnie Ci wyszedł
    Pozdrawiam :o)

  3. Niezmiernie mi miło, że Ci się podoba!